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Some of the most common and serious criminal offenses in Texas involve using, possessing, and distributing drugs.

It is illegal in Texas to possess, transport, possess with intent to distribute, or manufacture a controlled substance. Drug crimes may be prosecuted in either federal or state court make it a criminal offense. Both federal and state laws make controlled substances including methamphetamine, heroin, and cocaine illegal.

When you have been arrested and charged with drug possession, it is essential first to understand the charges you face. The penalties for selling, transporting, and manufacturing a controlled substance depend on the type and amount of controlled substance involved and the specific circumstances surrounding the possession, distribution, or manufacturing.

To be found guilty of drug possession, the prosecution must prove not only that you were in actual or constructive possession of the drugs, but also that you knew the drugs were in your possession.

Facing a drug possession charge should not be taken lightly. Should you be charged with illegally possessing any controlled substance controlled under federal or Texas law, seek out the help of a defense attorney immediately. We have years of experience in defending clients faced with various kinds of drug-related crimes.

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