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Embezzlement means theft by an employee. The charge could involve fraudulently manipulating invoices, misappropriation or misuse of a company credit card, not declaring money nor putting it in a safe or a cash register, or by altering checks that are coming into the company and diverting them into the employee’s own bank account.

Traditionally, the crime of embezzlement involves some sort of relationship of trust between the person accused and the complainant. Often, the individual charged with embezzlement is an employee or officer of a business, however, anyone who owes a company or business a fiduciary duty may be accused of embezzling funds.

The complexity of employee theft or embezzlement cases can vary considerably, depending on factors such as the amount of money alleged to have been misappropriated, the length of any alleged misconduct and the position of the accused.

The severity of the penalties depends on the amount of money, or the value of property allegedly taken by the person accused. For example, embezzlement that involves money or property with a value of less that $2,500 is a misdemeanor, while appropriating more valuable property or money will result in felony charges.

There are other aggravating factors that can increase the penalty of the embezzlement or employee theft charge. For example, if you are a public servant under Texas law when the offense occurs, prosecutors will enhance your charge and you will face more severe punishment.

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