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When a person uses deceitful tactics to acquire money, assets, property, or any form of financial investment, it is considered fraud. In many instances, fraud is considered a white collar crime and may be prosecuted as either a state or federal criminal offense.

Fraud involving financial institutions may be considered bank fraud and includes any type of deception used with the intent of defrauding a bank or other financial organization. A financial institution can be a federally insured credit union or bank, along with mortgage lenders, Federal Reserve banks and others that accept deposits.

Instances of federal bank fraud can typically be quite intricate. Very often, the activities involved in instances of federal bank fraud involve methods and actions which amount to additional criminal charges. These may include mail fraud, wire fraud or loan fraud.

In most cases, federal bank fraud often means extremely harsh penalties when compared to criminal offenses prosecuted at the state level. The penalties for this crime can include steep civil fines, probation and prison time.

We understand that facing any kind of criminal charge is a frightening experience, let alone one as significant as fraud. You can rest assured that we will guide you through the process with care and fight relentlessly to protect your freedom.

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