Sexual Assault Defense Attorneys in San Antonio

Have you been charged with sexual assault, indecent assault, or indecent exposure?

If you are facing sexual assault charges, choosing an experienced lawyer can help you achieve the most optimal outcome for your case.

Sexual assault can involve any sexual act committed against another person without consent. This includes sexual acts involving children, minors, the mentally disabled, and anyone else incapable of giving consent.

In cases involving criminal sexual assault or abuse, it is essential to understand the law, know the limitations of certain types of evidence, and help clients fight false accusations, and present all mitigating and extenuating circumstances to minimize any potential penalties.

When you hire us, we will do everything we can to give you the very best defense and advice, so that you can get the best outcome for your case. At Daniel & Halstead we treat all our clients with professionalism and respect. We provide personal attention and unwavering support every step of the way. Our experienced support staff, investigators, and criminal defense lawyers are committed to providing every client with the best defense available.

As experienced sexual assault defense attorneys, we understand the life-changing consequences you face. While you might face prison time and registration as a sex offender, you also face damage to your professional reputation and loss of personal relationships bases solely on the accusations against you. It is our goal to defend you from start to finish and take whatever steps are necessary to ensure the best possible outcome.

Facing Sexual Assault Charges?

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