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Attorneys Douglas Daniel and Woodrow "Woody" Halstead in courtroom

Helping Bexar County Residents Handle Legal Challenges

An arrest can be a jarring experience. Most people never anticipate finding themselves on the wrong side of the law; they may feel scared of the potential consequences and unsure of their options for fighting them. If you’ve found yourself in this position, you need a Bexar County criminal defense attorney to help you out.

We are Daniel & Halstead, and we do not rest until we have exhausted every option for protecting our clients. Our lawyers have more than six decades of combined criminal defense experience and take an aggressive approach to every case. Whether you live in Bexar County or have been accused of committing a crime there, we can defend you in your time of need.

How A Bexar County Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help You

Our Bexar County criminal defense firm focuses on nothing but criminal law. We defend clients facing the following types of criminal charges:

  • Drug charges: We serve clients accused of drug cultivation, manufacturing, possession and trafficking. We assist individuals facing prescription drug charges as well.
  • Driving while intoxicated (DWI) charges: DWI convictions can have long-term effects on people’s freedoms and livelihoods. We strive to protect these at all costs.
  • Federal charges: Federal offenses tend to be more severe than state offenses and carry punishments that reflect this fact. We stick up for individuals when the government wants to put them away.
  • Sex crimes charges: People charged with sex crimes can experience reputational damage, long prison sentences and mandatory sex offender registration. We help clients build strong defenses to avoid these penalties.
  • White collar crimes charges: We represent individuals who have been charged with business and financial crimes.

We may be able to help you if you have been accused of an offense that is not listed here. Contact us to learn if we can assist in your defense.

What Sets Our Bexar County Criminal Defense Firm Apart?

When you work with our Bexar County criminal defense attorneys, you will work with professionals who are dedicated to the accused. We will help you understand the charges you are facing, discuss your options for fighting them and develop a strategy tailored to your unique circumstances. We want to make sure your voice is heard and that you have the chance to put your charges in the past.

Take The Next Step. Call A Bexar County Criminal Defense Attorney.

You may feel alone if you are facing criminal charges, but you are not. Call our Bexar County criminal defense firm at 210-987-5276 to schedule a free, confidential consultation. You can reach us by email as well. We look forward to helping you fight for your freedom.