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Defense Against Accusations Of Terrorism-Related Offenses

You may have been charged with a terrorism-related offense because of something that you allegedly did (such as kidnapping a public official) or something that you threatened to do (such as sending a bomb threat to a school). Any terrorism-related crime is a very serious matter, which is you must not delay getting legal counsel.

For advice and advocacy after being accused or charged with a terrorism-related crime in Texas, contact Daniel & Halstead in San Antonio. The firm’s attorneys are ready to get to the bottom of the charges and help you devise a defense strategy to preserve your freedom and reputation.

Charges For Threats Or Actions, International Or Domestic

You may be charged with a terrorism-related offense due to claims that you:

  • Threatened to kill, kidnap or assault someone
  • Committed acts of violence that amounted to international or domestic terrorism
  • Conspired with, or aided and abetted, someone who possessed or used weapons of mass destruction
  • Used or threatened to use biological weapons
  • Threatened to harm, or harmed, an aircraft, train or other vessel of public transportation
  • Assassinated or threatened to assassinate a public official
  • Assaulted a member of a flight crew
  • Destroyed any portion of a gas pipeline

The list above includes examples and is not intended to be exhaustive. If anyone who is accusing you or has lodged criminal charges against you has used any form of the word “terrorism” in the complaint, you need a federal-level criminal defense attorney.

Contact A San Antonio Criminal Defense Lawyer

A terrorism-related criminal conviction may bring penalties of up to 20 years in federal prison or imprisonment for life. Fines are exorbitant as well. To increase your chances of a successful defense, get a federal criminal defense lawyer on your side in a timely manner.

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