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Attorneys Douglas Daniel and Woodrow "Woody" Halstead in courtroom

An Experienced Defense Attorney On Your Side In Your Bank Robbery Case

By definition in Texas, bank robbery includes the use of force or the threat of force in an attempt to steal from a bank. It is a federal crime and a felony. If someone is hurt or weapons are used, the charge may be considered aggravated robbery, but the use of guns is not a requirement for a bank robbery definition and attempt.

If you have been charged with bank robbery – whether entering a bank with an attempt to steal by force or acting as an accomplice – you need qualified legal representation for this federal criminal offense. Contact Daniel & Halstead for access to highly skilled and accomplished attorneys, who have more than 65 combined years of experience.

Founded In 2007, Daniel & Halstead Is Here For Your Defense

The sooner you get a lawyer from Daniel & Halstead on your side after a bank robbery arrest or accusation, the more options the firm will have to pursue a favorable outcome for you. The firm’s team will aim to get your charges dropped or reduced. It is ideal for you to find a way forward without a criminal record if possible. The firm’s early involvement may make that possible.

To give the firm the platform it needs to defend you aggressively, it is important for you to limit your communication with law enforcement agents. The firm is ready to challenge every detail of the prosecutor’s claims against you, including:

  • The correct identification of the perpetrator – Can they prove it was you?
  • Correct accounting for how much money the accused robber stole or attempted to steal – The amount makes a difference in the level of crime.
  • How the robbery or attempted robbery was committed – Was anyone hurt?

If you were charged as an accomplice, a successful defense strategy might show that you were entrapped and did not partake in the robbery knowingly or voluntarily. That is just one example of a potential avenue to a better future for you after a bank robbery arrest.

Attorneys Doug Daniel and Woody Halstead urge you not to talk with the police except to let them know that you will be represented by a lawyer. Then, call the firm before any probing dialogue gets started between you and any law enforcement representative.

The firm’s experienced criminal defense attorneys regularly serve Bandera, Kerr and Gillespie counties in and around the San Antonio metro area. If you are looking for solid, San Antonio-based defense lawyers, please let the firm’s attorneys explain how they can help you.

Protect Your Freedom And Future

Federal criminal charges such as those involved in a bank robbery arrest are serious and require a quick and thorough response. Put the firm’s strong qualifications on your side, beginning with a thoughtful case review by one of the firm’s dedicated bank robbery defense litigators.

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