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Charged With Tax Evasion? Protect Your Assumption Of Innocence.

Various forms of tax avoidance may be legal, but tax evasion that is illegal may be criminally punished. If you have avoided tax legally but have been accused of illegal tax evasion, an experienced defense attorney may be able to help you set the record straight and prevent legal troubles. But if you are accused of illegal tax evasion for good reason, you have numerous defense options. Again, a lawyer can help you discover those options and implement the most promising ones.

No matter what kind of tax troubles you are up against in Texas, Daniel & Halstead can help you determine whether you are at risk of a federal criminal conviction and if so, what your path to resolution should be.

Examples Of Illegal Tax Evasion

You may be accused or charged with tax evasion if one or more of the following is shown to be the case:

  • You didn’t report and/or pay taxes on lawfully earned income.
  • You didn’t report illegal income and, therefore, did not pay taxes on it.

Illegal tax evasion is willful. Therefore, an effective defense may be to show that an individual did not take an action to evade taxation willfully. There are obviously fine lines between illegal evasion and legal avoidance, and between willful evasion versus good faith omissions.

A tax evasion defense attorney can help you or your business prevent accusations of tax evasion or respond to them, as the case may be. Clarity is important.

Get A Skilled Defender On Your Side

An initial consultation with a tax evasion defense lawyer and a case review is the first step toward getting your potentially criminal tax case resolved.

To schedule a meeting with a lawyer at the San Antonio-area tax evasion defense firm, call 210-987-5276 or send an email inquiry for a prompt response. Let the firm’s team explain how they can kick-start your defense.