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Charged With Embezzlement? Reach Out For The Advocacy You Need.

Theft by an employee or a fiduciary with access to funds of any type of organization is one of the most common forms of embezzlement. Traditionally, the crime of embezzlement involves some sort of relationship of trust between the person accused and the complainant. Someone who owns a company or business and has a fiduciary duty may also be accused of embezzling funds.

Accusations of embezzlement may allege that the wrongdoer fraudulently:

  • Falsified or manipulated invoices
  • Misappropriated or misused a company charge account
  • Accepted cash for an organization but did not or put it in a safe or a cash register
  • Altered incoming checks, diverting them to the person’s private bank account

The attorneys at Daniel & Halstead provide sophisticated white collar crime defense for clients throughout the San Antonio region and beyond. With more than 65 years of experience, they are ready to handle intricate cases.

About The Severity Of Charges And Penalties

Not all embezzlement cases are alike in terms of complexity and repercussions. The seriousness of an embezzlement claim may depend on factors such as:

  • The role of the person who is accused
  • The amount of money that was misappropriated
  • How long the theft allegedly continued

Embezzlement of less than $2500 is considered a misdemeanor. Higher amounts of money or higher values of misappropriated property will result in felony charges.

Other aggravating factors can increase the penalty of the embezzlement or employee theft charge. For example, public servants in Texas will receive harsher penalties if convicted.

To ensure that all facets of your embezzlement case are taken into consideration, work with a knowledgeable defense attorney who can devise an appropriate defense strategy. The attorneys at Daniel & Halstead have the substantial legal understanding and courtroom experience you require to handle tasks of this nature.

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