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Get Aggressive Defense When Facing Money Laundering Charges

The federal crime of money laundering is described in detail in the Money Laundering Control Act of 1986. Money laundering charges often accompany other criminal charges such as drug trafficking and human trafficking. Penalties in the case of a conviction can be severe, up to 20 years in prison and $500,000 in fines or double the amount of money laundered. An aggressive response and defense are essential. To strengthen your position, work with an effective attorney with a solid track record in federal criminal defense.

At Daniel & Halstead, you will find lawyers with more than 65 combined years of experience in Texas courts. They are ready to discover holes in the prosecution’s case against you. The sooner they are on your side, the more opportunities there may be for a favorable outcome.

The Accusations, The Evidence And The Facts

Activities that trigger money laundering investigations often include:

  • Conducting business, possibly an illegitimate business, using mostly or exclusively cash
  • Opening a shell company, possibly overseas
  • Buying and selling commodities
  • Gambling
  • Buying real estate
  • Counterfeiting
  • Conducting digital transactions

If a federal law enforcement officer begins asking you about such transactions, this could mean you are or soon will be under official investigation. This is not a time to work with a less experienced lawyer.

If our attorneys represent you, they will explore all avenues forward with goals including:

  • Getting charges against you dropped or revised downward
  • Getting your charges downgraded from federal to state-level criminal matters
  • Getting you an outcome that will not result in a criminal record

With the firm’s defense team on your side, you will have the reassurance that all bases will be covered with the goal of giving you a chance at a favorable result.

Contact The Firm’s Money Laundering Criminal Defense Attorneys

Remember: Just because your money laundering charges may be secondary to other charges such as a drug crime case, that doesn’t mean you should be any less attentive and vigilant in defending yourself against them. At Daniel & Halstead, the firm’s defense team will take every charge against you seriously. The attorneys will give their full efforts to protect your reputation, freedom and future.

To schedule a consultation, call the San Antonio office at 210-987-5276 or send an email inquiry. The time to start devising your defense strategy is now.