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Attorneys Douglas Daniel and Woodrow "Woody" Halstead in courtroom

Dedicated San Antonio Defense Attorneys For Federal Drug Crimes

Regardless of whether you live in Texas, were arrested in Texas or were arrested for drug-related activities with a Texas connection, you should work with a Texas-based federal defense lawyer.

If Daniel & Halstead is your defense firm, you can count on an aggressive approach to your case aimed at protecting your way of life. The defense team will pursue the goal of preventing a conviction in your case. The firm’s attorneys will aim to help you avoid serious penalties, including the possibility of lengthy prison sentences.

About Federal Drug Crime Investigations, Arrests And Potential Penalties

Your arrest warrant, warrantless arrest or federal investigation may have cited drug manufacturing or trafficking as the reason you are a suspect. If so, your legal status is dire. You must not delay in the fight to protect your freedom and future. You owe it to yourself to seek out a highly experienced defense attorney as soon as possible.

Most federal drug arrests are felonies and involve the trafficking of drugs such as cocaine, fentanyl, heroin, LSD or methamphetamine. Federal drug charges may result in mandatory minimum sentences. A conviction will also bring negative consequences in many areas of life, including:

  • Losing federal student loan eligibility
  • Risking negative background check outcomes for jobs, loans and housing
  • Losing voting privileges even after completion of a sentence and release from prison
  • Losing the legal right to own and carry firearms

The attorneys at Daniel & Halstead aggressively advocate for clients’ rights and interests at all stages, including during grand jury investigations, prosecutorial hearings, trial and sentencing.

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Anyone who is facing federal drug crime charges should seek the counsel of a lawyer such as the attorneys at Daniel & Halstead. Their sole focus is on federal and state criminal defense cases.

The firm’s team is here to answer your questions about federal drug crimes. To schedule a consultation, call 210-987-5276 or send an email.