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Charged With Identity Theft? Experienced Defense Lawyers Will Help.

There are countless threats to people’s safety through the abuse of their personal information. Someone such as your ex-spouse or an untrustworthy business partner may have claimed that you stole their identity when you did not. Or, you may have believed you had the permission and right to use someone else’s identity and did so, but then this backfired.

For example, your boss or a family member may have lent you their credit card and asked you to order goods or services on their behalf for a company or family event. Later, when that same person became a victim of fraud and law enforcement asked if anyone had access to their personal information, they may have reported that you did.

Ultimately, a bogus accusation may have emerged, claiming that you wrongly used someone’s personal information. Once this type of statement emerges, you need protection to prevent legal action such as federal criminal charges. If you have already been charged in Texas, this is an even more urgent moment.

No matter what sequence of events led to criminal charges against you that have been described as identity theft (ID theft), defense counsel may be necessary to clear your name. The defense attorneys at Daniel & Halstead conduct detailed investigations and apply well-developed analytical skills in their clients’ defense.

Understand How Your ID Theft Charges Came About

Someone may have reported to a law enforcement agency that you:

  • Stole their personal information and used it as your own
  • Accessed a corporate or public agency database and stole identities of people for your gain
  • Searched the hard drive of a stolen or discarded computer and used information obtained for your benefit
  • Hacked into a company computer network and stole someone’s personal information
  • Took personal information from public records or social media sites and used it fraudulently

The chain of events leading to federal identity theft criminal charges against you may be long and complex. Or, it may have been a result of simple transactions that led to wrongdoing for which someone blamed you.

To defend yourself, turn to the firm’s proven federal criminal defense attorneys. With more than 65 combined years of experience, they are ready to rise to your protection.

Consult With An Accomplished Defense Lawyer

Have you been accused of stealing identity information belonging to someone else? Contact defense attorneys who can help you reclaim your good name. Daniel & Halstead serves Bandera County, Kerr County and Gillespie County in the San Antonio metro area.

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