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Attorneys Douglas Daniel and Woodrow "Woody" Halstead in courtroom

Proven And Experienced San Antonio Criminal Defense Attorneys

It is crucial to take all criminal charges seriously in Texas, as even a “minor” offense can have a major impact on your future. Remember that the ramifications of a conviction often go far beyond fines or jail time. You could lose your job, lose a professional license or find yourself with a permanent record that makes it harder for you to find employment, find housing, secure lines of credit and much more.

With more than 65 years of combined experience, Daniel & Halstead is the only firm you need to call when facing such charges. They offer skilled and aggressive legal services to help you defend your rights and exercise all options when facing serious charges. When you need a San Antonio criminal lawyer who is dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced, call them.

Potential Cases For A San Antonio Criminal Defense Attorney

As premier San Antonio criminal defense lawyers, they can offer legal guidance on a wide variety of cases, including:

  • State and federal drug charges
  • Impaired driving charges
  • White collar crime allegations
  • Sex crime charges
  • Human trafficking charges
  • Firearms charges
  • And much more

No matter what charges you are facing, it is critical to have the right San Antonio criminal defense lawyer on your side. You need someone who takes this just as seriously as you do and who will work hard to defend your rights as an American. That’s exactly the type of legal services you get from Daniel & Halstead.

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If you are interested in setting up a consultation, just give the firm a call today at 210-987-5276 or send them an email through the web contact portal. They will respond quickly and schedule a meeting where they can learn more about the charges you are facing – and you can learn exactly how their criminal defense firm can help at this critical time.