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Answering Your Questions About Texas Sex Crime Charges

Sex crimes are some of the most severe you can face in Texas. If you were recently charged with a sex crime, you must take action immediately. Daniel & Halstead understands how consequential these charges can be and can provide you with a robust defense strategy.

You may feel anxious about these charges and have questions surrounding them. These are some of the most frequently asked ones the firm hears from its clients:

What constitutes a sex crime in Texas?

The Lone Star State considers the following to be sex crimes:

  • Rape
  • Sexual assault
  • Child sexual abuse (any form of sexual contact with a minor, including grooming)
  • Possession of child pornography
  • Distribution of child pornography
  • Soliciting minors online
  • Indecent exposure (public urination, public masturbation, having sex in public)
  • Voyeurism
  • Engaging in or soliciting prostitution

You must take these charges seriously. Failing to act quickly can make it hard to defend yourself. Call Daniel & Halstead‘s lawyers at 210-987-5276 to start work on your case today.

How do I respond to a sex crime accusation?

Receiving a charge like this can be scary. While your emotions are running high, it’s vital to:

  • Avoid contacting the accuser: You may want to know why they accused you of a heinous crime. However, reaching out to them could hurt your case. They could use your conversation with them as evidence against you.
  • Document your side of the story: If your charge states your specific accusations, recall the interaction as much as possible. You can write it down on a piece of paper or record yourself telling the story of the interaction.
  • Call an attorney ASAP: If authorities call you in for questioning, exercise your Miranda rights. Anything you say can be used against you during trial. Your attorney can help you answer any questions authorities ask you.

The way you respond to your sex crime accusation can make or break your case, which can make or break your future. That’s why following these steps is so vital.

Do I have to register as a sex offender if I’m found guilty?

The majority of people found guilty of sex crimes in Texas must register as a sex offender. However, the amount of time you have to stay on the sex offender registry can depend on the severity of your charges. For example, those found guilty of child sexual abuse, rape, sexual assault and similar crimes must remain on the registry for life. In other cases, those who are guilty of engaging in prostitution may only have to stay on the sex offender registry for 10 years.

Are there any sex crimes I don’t have to register myself for?

There are some instances where you may not have to register as a sex offender. However, these are usually for indecent exposure misdemeanors, like public urination.

There are a lot of components that can result in you facing sex crime charges. Each case is unique and can require working with experienced criminal defense counsel to fully understand the charges you face. Schedule an initial consultation with Daniel & Halstead today to learn more about your situation.

Can I get myself off the sex offender registry?

While often rare, it is possible to get yourself off the Texas sex offender registry as long as you meet specific requirements. Call the firm’s lawyers today at 210-987-5276 to learn what those requirements are and if you meet them.

How could a sex crime charge affect my life?

A sex crime charge can have some of the most significant effects on your life. If you are found guilty of a sex crime charge in Texas, you can expect to have:

  • Limitations on where you can live.
  • Significant difficulties finding a job.
  • Restrictions on your ability to vote.
  • Limitations on where you can travel.
  • Restrictions on leaving the state or country.
  • Severe damage to your personal and professional reputation.

All of these can lead you to have a significantly lower quality of life and have a profound impact on your mental health. That’s why fighting to reduce or drop your sex crime charges is so vital.

There’s Nothing More Important Than Feeling Prepared

In the face of a sex crime charge, the best thing you can do is to gain knowledge about how these cases work, how to manage them and how a sex crime charge can affect your life.

Don’t wait; seek a strong and strategic sex crime defense today. Schedule an initial consultation with Daniel & Halstead today by completing their online contact form.