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Could your prison time be reduced due to new federal sentencing guidelines?

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2024 | Criminal Defense, Drug Crimes, Federal Criminal Defense

If you or a loved one has been recently convicted of a federal crime and is facing prison time, it’s important to consider the new federal sentencing guidelines. There is a chance of getting out of prison sooner, depending on your specific case.

Recently, the government changed federal sentencing guidelines. One change made includes shortening sentences for people convicted of certain non-violent offenses, like possession of drugs or property crimes.

Now, judges have more flexibility in deciding punishments for people convicted of these crimes. For example, a judge may consider that a shorter prison sentence combined with community service and a drug treatment program might be the most effective sentence for a particular individual.

Why are these changes happening?

The government is catching up to the understanding that long prison sentences do not always help people in the long term. Often, these individuals get out of prison only to commit more crimes and reenter the system, leading to additional prison time.

Another reason for this change is how the federal government views crimes. As times evolve, the government’s views on crimes change, leading to a reevaluation of the punishments associated with certain crimes.

Does this apply to everyone?

No. While it is understandable that most prisoners want to leave prison as early as possible, these changes do not apply to everyone.

  • The changes in sentencing guidelines do not apply to those convicted of violent crimes.
  • The changes in sentencing guidelines do not apply to those convicted of serious offenses.
  • The changes do not automatically apply to any one person. It is up to the judge to decide.

How to access more information

The best way to access more information is through an attorney who is familiar with the changes in federal sentencing guidelines.

Speak with an attorney at Daniel & Halstead about your case. We should be able to advise you on whether you qualify to request a hearing and the next steps after that. Our firm has already had clients’ sentences reduced with these new guidelines and some have even had a two-level reduction after sentencing. One client was even released early because of this. Remember, every case is different so talk to one of our seasoned federal criminal defense attorneys in San Antonio, Texas, about your particular case.

Important to remember

Leaving prison is never as easy as people think, especially for those who have been in prison for a long time. If the court shortens your sentence, you will still need support and resources to reintegrate into society.

Make sure you ask about services that can help you successfully reintegrate and assist you with job training and other rehabilitation services, if necessary.